Aqua-dock supply Stobart with dock for essential repair work to Barnetts Lock Bridge.

Barnetts Lock Bridge is a two span steel structure which carries the BHL line over a fastflowing section of the River Kennett. Being located in the heart of a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) in the beautiful Berkshire countryside, made this site a special place to work. Permission was granted by the Environment Agency to carry out the needed works to replace the life expired bridge bearings. Stobart Rail installed their own floating pontoon system as a working platform which prevented damage to the river bed & protected the habitat of the many aquatic species abundant in this river.

A cantilever jacking arrangement was installed to support the beam ends to enable the replacement of the bearings to the piers. Steel needles were inserted into the abutments which acted as a platform to jack up the other ends of the main girders. The old bearings were cut out by core drilling a series of holes beneath the bearing into the bedstones on the piers and abutments. New bearings were installed and clamped to the bottom flanges of the girders. A timber formwork face and dam was installed around the new bearing plates and high strength grout poured into the void to secure and support the new bearings.

Upon completion of the works the floating platform was removed and the area was left in the same condition as before the work started.